Building a quiz using New Quizzes is a straightforward process, but the interface is slightly different to the typical Canvas interface. All of the quiz content can be added in the central area of the page.


To create and add questions to a New Quizzes Quiz in Canvas, complete the following steps.

  1. Create a quiz with New Quizzes. See Creating a New Quizzes Quiz in Canvas.
  2. Click Assignments, then the options icon (⋮) beside your quiz and select Build.
  3. From inside the quiz builder on the Build tab, enter instructions in the Instructions field and click Done
  4. Click the + icon and select the question type that you want to add.
  5. Enter the question information in the required fields including correct answers and feedback where appropriate. Fields and options vary depending on the question type.
  6. Optional: Enter a question title in the Question title field. 
  7. Optional: To add a question to a question bank, click Item Banking and then click Add to Bank. This means that you can add the question to a collection of questions and reuse them. You can add the question to an existing question bank or create a new one. 
  8. Select a number in the Points field to determine how many points the question is worth. This does not need to add to 100. For example, if you have 10 questions of equal value, you can leave each as worth 1 point, which will count for 10% of the overall number of points.
  9.  Click the Settings tab in the quiz builder and select your required delivery settings for the quiz.
  10. Click Return to go to the Assignments section of your module, where the quiz is stored and can be published or unpublished.
Note: To ensure your quiz or any other type of assessments are visible and accessible by students, don't forget to add them to one of your module units and have it set to published. See Publishing your Canvas Module