Quizzes is a Canvas integration which replaces the classic quizzes functionality currently existing in Canvas.


To create a New Quizzes quiz, complete the following steps.

  1. In the module navigation of your module, click Quizzes.
  2. Click +Quiz.
  3. Select New Quizzes from the Choose a Quiz Engine window and click Submit.
  4. Define the details for your new assessment from the following:
  5. Assignment name - Enter a title for your quiz

    Points - Enter the number of points for your quiz (It is recommended, for marking purposes, to set this field to 100 points for any and all assignments. Weightings can be added afterwards)

    Assign to - This identifies which students in the course may submit against this assessment item. By default, this should be set to Everyone. This feature would mainly be only useful otherwise if you have a cross-listed course, in which case, you may assign an assessment item against a specific group of students

    Due - This is the deadline (date and time) for the student. They can still take the quiz after this date, but all entries will be identified as “Late”.

    Available From/ Until - this will determine when students will have access to the assessment item. This may be particularly useful if you want students to only be able to take the quiz in-class (e.g.: between 11-12 on a specific day).

    Note: It is recommended that all other Assignment settings be left blank.

  6. Click Build to open the quiz builder and populate your quiz. See Creating and Adding Questions to a New Quizzes Quiz in Canvas for more information.
  7. When finished, click Return. Your quiz appears in the Quizzes and Assignments sections of your module.

Note: Unless you clicked Save & Publish when creating your quiz, your newly created quiz will appear unpublished in both your list of Quizzes and Assignments.