For both your course and the content within to be visible to students in Canvas, they must be “published”. By default, when you create something in Canvas, it is unpublished (and therefore inaccessible to students) until you make a conscious decision to publish it.

Through this “publish” feature, you have total control over what students do or do not have access to, but you must remember to publish material for it to be visible to students.

You can see when items are published in Canvas or not based on the “visibility” icon to the right of each item:

  • If an item is published, it will show a Green “Tick” (the colouring around the item will also be green)
  • If an item is not published, it will show a “No” symbol  (the colouring around the item will also be grey)

A published file

An unpublished file

You must also publish Units in Canvas to make sure that these are visible to students. Like learning items, units will have an icon (a green tick or a no symbol) to the right of the unit name to indicate visibility

Note that both the Unit and the Assignment in the unit are published

In addition to publishing materials and units in your canvas module, you must also publish the course itself to make it accessible to students. The course publish button is available to the right of the Interface under “Module Status”

For the module to be accessible, it should be set to “Published”