Self-enrolment allows a student to sign up for a module using a "secret URL" or code that you provide for them. This can be particularly useful for module electives where students may be deciding whether or not they will take the elective for the semester.


To enable self-enrolment on an elective module, complete the following steps.

  1. In your module navigation, click Settings.
  2. Click on the Module Details tab and at the bottom of the page click More Options.    
  3. Enable self-enrolment by selecting the Let students self-enroll by sharing with them a secret URL checkbox.
  4. Click Update module details to save your settings.
  5. Copy and share the provided secret URL.
View the following video for a walkthrough of the steps.

How does a student un-enrol from a module?

If a student decides not to take a particular module as an elective they can "drop" the module. To do this, they can click into the module in Canvas and click Drop this Module in the sidebar.

Note: Students can only drop a self-enroled Canvas module while it is in progress (between the course start date and end date). Also, if the student did not enrol in the course using the given secret URL or join code, i.e. they were manually or automatically added to the module from Banner, they cannot remove themselves from the module.