A Group Set in Canvas is a general name or container that holds a number of Groups.

For instance, an instructor might create a Group Set named “Recitations”, which might hold a number of Groups (Recitation 1, Recitation 2, Recitation 3…)

Instructors can create as many Group Sets as they want and each Group Set can contain any number of Groups.
Students can be part of multiple Group Sets but can belong to only one Group within a Group Set.

Each Group, within a Group Set can:
  • Share files (Group has its own Files tool)
  • Send and post Announcements (Group has its own Announcements tool)
  • Create Canvas Pages (Group has its own Pages tool)
  • Conduct Group Discussions (Group has its own Discussions tool)
  • Create collaborative Google Documents (Group has its own Collaborations tool
  • Groups can have their own graded Canvas Assignments
  • Groups can have their own graded Canvas Discussions.
  • Groups cannot have their own Canvas Quiz

For more on setting up groups, please see the Video below