If you do not see a recording available for viewing right after a completed live session, don't panic!

It is more than likely in the processing queue and will be available shortly. In most cases a recording will take the same amount of time to process as the duration of the live session.

Additionally, if the live session is still ongoing or has participants keeping the session open, the recording processing will not initiate until the meeting has been detected as ended (over).

If you still do not see a recording available for viewing....

In most cases the start/stop record button was not engaged; when a meeting is set to be recorded you are able to record, however, this does not automatically record the meeting when it is live and the start/stop must still be engaged.

But don't worry! Contact Canvas support within 14 (fourteen) days of the live session with the following information:

  1. Date and approximate time of the session
  2. Session title
  3. Name of the moderator or a couple of attendees