In order to effectively conduct a Screencast, you should prepare adequately beforehand.

  • If you want to record a presentation, then all you need to do is have your slides ready and be prepared to talk over these.
  • If you want to demonstrate how to use a specific piece of software on-screen or demonstrate how to use an application it is suggested you prepare a simple list of chronological tasks, considering the verbal points you want to make, writing a script for a voice-over, identifying appropriate screens/ visuals to correspond to the script and creating some rough storyboards (if required) to have the visuals available.

A suggested process for preparing, recording and publishing  a screencast involves:

  1. Preparing what you are going to say and do (on-screen) beforehand by writing a voice over script

  2. Setting up to record the screencast.

  3. Installing Screencast-o-matic - the screencasting solution provided by the Dept of TEL.

  4. Recording the screencast on a computer

  5. Making sure that the recording is available to users.