For each academic year of each online programme, the Dept of TEL creates a Google+ Community.

The course coordinator should distribute the URL for this unique Google+ community to Staff and Students of the online programme.

   You will need to setup a gmail account (or use an existing one) to use the Google+ community. Students can use their mycit email to access the Google+ Community.

Access Google Plus by logging into your gmail (students can use their email account) then click on the Google Services icon on the right of your screen and click "Google +".

Create your Google + Profile by clicking on "Join Google +".

You can add information here about yourself, including a profile photo if you wish.

Now that you are set up as a Google Plus member, you should access the URL which has been provided to you by the course coordinator.

Upon accessing this page, click on the "Ask to Join” button

Once this has been completed, simply wait for your account to be approved and you will become a member of the Google Community for the programme.

   You can encourage students to access the Google+ Community by encouraging them to follow the same steps as above.