Google Slides

Categories: Presentation
Availability: Browser, iOS, Android
Uses: Productivity, Collaboration, Organisation

What is it?
Google Slides is the free presentation software available as part of Google’s online suite of software. Google Slides offer a convenient way of creating presentations in your browser and accessing them from anywhere and any device. This makes it easier for you to share presentations with your students and keep all your work in the same place for easy access.

How can I use it?
Google Slides can be used as a means of creating and sharing your presentations with your students. It is also an effective tool for group projects where students can collaborate on the same presentation at the same time.  

To get started using Google Slides:
  • Log in to your Google account or sign up for a free account.
  • Go to and click New > Google Slides from the top left of the screen
  • Give your presentation a name and add slides and content. The presentation will be automatically saved to your Google Drive as you work.
  • In class, click “Present” to show your presentation.
  • Use the “Share” button to share your presentation with your class (set the sharing option as “view”). You can email this link to your students.
  • You can also download the presentation file in a variety of formats. Click File > Download As and download the presentation as a powerpoint or PDF for example.
For group projects, one student can create a new Google Slides presentation and share it with the other students in their group by adding their email address and setting the sharing option to “edit”.

Why should I use it?
Google Slides allows you to create, organise and share presentations from anywhere. Slides also has more specific benefits and features:

  • Collaboration - Slides offer an easy way of sharing and simultaneously editing a presentation making Slides convenient for group projects
  • Revision history - Slides has a revision history feature so any changes are saved and users can revert to previous versions of the file if desired.
  • Offline access - Google Slides offers an app for mobile and desktop allowing you to create presentations offline. When you are online, the apps will sync to ensure your files are saved where you want in your Drive.
  • Mobile friendly - The Google Slides apps make creating and editing presentations easy when on the go, even on mobile phones.
  • Media - Slides allow you to embed images, videos and audio into your presentation from YouTube or Google Drive.
  • Simple interface - Google Slides also includes the ability to add transitions and animation, like Powerpoint, but these features are slightly hidden to encourage simpler presentations
Audience Participation:
And perhaps leaving the best feature until last, Google Slides has an audience participation tool for presenters, allowing you to invite questions from your audience/class. When this is activated a URL is shown to the audience at the top of the slides during the presentation. Anyone wishing to ask a question can go to this URL and submit their question, view others questions and vote for questions (pushing these to the top of the queue). You can view these questions and can also present these questions to the class.

Top Tip
The Google Chrome Webstore offers apps and extensions to add further features to your Google Slides. 

Where can I find it?
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