Categories: Animation, Video
Availability: Browser
Uses: Create & Share Learning Resources, Encourage Creativity, Facilitate Understanding

What is it?
Moovly is a browser based media creation platform which can be used to make animations and explainer videos using a drag and drop interface. Offering a bank of resources including templates for video, images and audio you can create a rich media video quickly, with the ability to include your own media as well.

Moovly offers a free plan for educators (anyone with an educational institute email address) with some small limitations including the amount of storage per account and the addition of a Moovly watermark on the published videos. Generally though, with unlimited access to the bank of resources and unlimited downloads, this is a very good offering for those who want to create resources for the classroom.

Please note: You should use your CIT or MyCIT email address when signing up. If this address is not recognised as an educational email address when you sign up you can contact Moovly support to manually get added to an Education account.

How can I use it?
Moovly can be used to create learning resources to complement traditional presentation material or to emphasise key areas to help facilitate learning and aid understanding. A Moovly video can be included within a slide deck or as a standalone resource. Moovly videos can also be used in a flipped classroom approach, by presenting a rich media resource to students ahead of class it can help to spark ideas or questions which can be used to generate discussion during class time.

Students can also use Moovly to create short videos or animations to enhance their presentations, to demonstrate their understanding of topics or as additional resources in a project or assignment.

Creating your own video in Moovly is essentially a 3-step process:

To get started (with an Educational licence):

  • Go to and click Start Now
  • Choose Login using email and then click No account yet?
    • Enter your name and institute email address
    • You will receive an email with a link to activate your account, click the link in this email
    • You will be asked to create a password and then you will be logged into your account
  • Click Create Project to start a new video
    • This will open the Moovly Editor in a new window, make sure your browser does not block new windows from popping up.
  • When you start to create your new project Moovly will guide you through the main areas with an onscreen tutorial. It’s a good idea to follow this to get a feel for the environment.
  • You can import presentation files to turn them into explainers, use the templates provided or start from scratch
  • Drag items from the library on the left to the stage in the middle.
  • Use the timeline to change the length of time the item is on the screen and the menu on the left to change the size, colour and position of the items on the stage.
  • Remember to click save at the top right of the screen to save your work.
Take a look at the following short video (c. 5 mins) to get an overview of the Moovly environment and help you to get up and running quickly with Moovly:

Why should I use it?
The pedagogical benefits of video and animation are well documented and it is widely used for online learning sites such as Khan Academy, Udemy, etc. Salman Khan, creator of Khan Academy, outlines some of these benefits in his 2011 Ted Talk.

Video is a great tool to help to facilitate understanding through dynamic media. Animations and explainer videos can help you to quickly emphasise points, illustrate concepts or processes and generally make your material more memorable. This in turn can help students to understand complex topics or simply engage with the material in a different way.

Video and animation are great tools for digital storytelling and retention. This rich media allows students to develop their creativity, enhance the potential for deeper learning and demonstrate their understanding. Short videos can act as helpful revision tools and students can create these videos themselves to provide authentic learning opportunities and to aid retention.

Top Tips
If you use Hangouts on Air through YouTube Live your video session will be automatically saved to your YouTube account where Take a look at Moovly’s free plan for Education here. It has some limitations but may be sufficient for your requirements. Alternatively, Moovly offers a 30 day free trial and a monthly pro plan for c. $25 a month which could also be useful if you plan to develop a bulk of resources during a short period of time.

As with any video or animation project, before you create your Moovly you should plan what you want to communicate. Consider creating a short script and a rough storyboard for your animation. This will help you to stay focused and to keep your video short and practical.

Where can I find it?
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