Categories: Productivity, Time management
Availability: Desktop, Browser, iOS, Android
Uses: Time tracking, Organisation, Project management

What is it?
Toggl  is a free online time tracking and reporting tool that works through desktop and mobile applications. Toggl is geared towards teams and has a paid subscription service for groups of more than 5 users but the free version is suitable for most personal use. Toggl lets you automatically or manually record the time that you are spending on different tasks to help you to manage your time more effectively and increase your productivity. Toggl generates reports based on your tracked time to give a clear picture of your tasks and progress.

How can I use it?
Toggl is quite straightforward to set up and use to track time. Simply put, when you start a task click Start and when you finish the task click Stop, Toggl will then keep a record of the time you spent on the task. You can create projects and assign tasks to these projects as you complete or track them.

To get started:

  • Go to and sign up for a new account with your email address and password
    • You can also sign up using your Google account
  • When you log in to Toggl for the first time you will see sample tasks and projects in your dashboard, you can delete these to start fresh
  • To start tracking time straight away, click into the box at the top of the screen with the text “What are you working on?” and type the task or activity you want to record e.g. “web research”
  • Click the green clock icon at the right of the screen to set the auto track mode and click on the green tick button to start tracking your time
  • Click the red stop button to stop tracking your time
    • You will see your activity get logged on the screen with the time recorded
    • You can continue tracking time for this task at a later stage by hovering over this task in the dashboard and clicking the grey play button.
  • To record a task manually, follow the above steps to add some text to describe the activity and before you click start you will change the green clock icon on the right to the lines underneath
    • You will then be able to manually add the time you started the task, the time you finished the task and the date you carried out the task

Why should I use it?
Toggl is largely marketed towards teams working in commercial environments where you add clients and projects and can track billable hours but it is flexible enough to be used by anyone. For instance, you can add class groups, funding sources or teams as your clients and categorise your projects and activities based on this.

Toggl can also be used to help organise tasks like projects or essays as you can create a new task with the time, date and actions required to complete the task, helping you to keep on top of work and deadlines.

Toggl lets you add descriptions and tag entries to make it easier to organise and find tasks, activities or projects at a later stage.
Toggl has an archive function, allowing you to tidy up projects that you have completed or put on hold, removing them from your list of active projects but still retaining the information in the system.

Top Tips
The Toggl extension in Chrome lets you record your time directly from your browser, allowing you to quickly track your tasks without opening up the Toggl application.

Toggl can be integrated with other popular apps through Zapier to automate tasks and make time tracking easier with some of the apps you use most often, e.g. add time entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet or link with Evernote or Trello to keep notes on time tracked:  

Where can I find it?
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