Categories: Speech Recognition
Availability: Browser, Android
Uses: Dictation, Typing, Accessibility, Productivity

What is it?
Speechnotes is an online speech recognition app that lets you dictate, with quite high accuracy, directly to an online text editor. Free to use, although with premium features available at a small cost (€5.49) for the app, it has been frequently suggested as an alternative to the costlier speech recognition assistive technologies. In addition, it is also offered as a productivity tool for anyone looking to make their writing process more efficient - by dictating it.

How can I use it?
Speechnotes can be used to make note-taking quicker and easier by having the software record your verbal comments as text but it has applications in other contexts too. For accessibility, it can offer an alternative to the more expensive software solutions on the market and can help individuals with learning or physical difficulties to work more independently. 

While Speechnotes can be used immediately through a browser (https://speechnotes.co/) allowing you to dictate and save transcriptions, the following will outline how to use the tool on a mobile device:

  • Download speechnotes from the Google Play store. The app is free or a one-off payment of €5.49 can be paid for the ad free version with a few additional features.
  • Click the microphone symbol at the lower right of the screen to begin dictating.
  • To use punctuation, use the punctuation keyboard at the bottom of the screen or dictate the punctuation mark to add the item to the text.
  • Tap the menu at the top left of the screen to reveal the save button (there’s also a setting to auto-save which is switched on by default but is worth checking).
  • To create new note, click the menu on the top left of the screen and click New Note.
Why should I use it?
Speech recognition software has gained popularity for accessibility, for individuals with disabilities and those with speech and language difficulties. In the browser version of the software there’s a link to companion software, Text to Speech Reader (TTSReader), which can be used to read aloud the text in a browser. While this holds clear benefits for individuals in terms of accessibility it can also be advantageous for researchers or learners to increase productivity.

Top Tip
While Speechnotes works in all browsers it is best suited to the Chrome browser where you can add it as a browser extension. You can also upgrade to the premium browser version for a once off payment of €7.49 to unlock additional features and make it ad free. 

Where can I find it?
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