Categories: News and social media aggregator/curator
Availability: Browser, iOS, Android, Windows OS
Uses: Resource curation, provide feedback, foster collaboration, facilitate discussion

What is it?
Flipboard is a content aggregator that allows you to collate articles and information into digital magazines. These magazines can be updated automatically with new content from the sources you follow or you can create your own magazines by handpicking content of interest. This customisation features make it a powerful research and curation tool for students and lecturers. It can be used in a web browser but it has been optimised for mobile use through the Flipboard app.

The following video offers a nice overview in 2 minutes:

How can I use it?
Flipboard can be used to facilitate collaboration and discussion. The following example outlines how Flipboard can be used by students when researching a group project and gathering feedback.

  • Sign up for a free account using social login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google credentials or by using your email address and creating a password.
    • Each student will need their own free account as well
  • Ask one student in each group to create a new magazine in their Flipboard account.
    • When creating this magazine the student can choose to make it private so that regular Flipboard users will not be able to access it.
  • Ask the student to then share this magazine with the other students in their group by sharing the link or sending them an invitation (these options are presented to the student when they create their private magazine).
  • The students can then collect articles, blog posts and other resources from the web or social media and save them to this magazine.
    • When saving content, Flipboard offers a means of adding a description to the item allowing students to elaborate on the content or explain its relevance
  • Students can then share the magazine with you where you can see their research and provide feedback on their work from within the magazine.
Why should I use it?
Flipboard is a great multi-use application that can be used for personal news aggregation, for curating content for class discussion and as a collaborative tool for group projects.

  • Flipboard is free and easy to use, following the same conventions as other popular applications, such as Pinterest, with easy saving, sharing and liking of content.
  • Flipboard includes a comment feature making it ideal for collaboration and providing feedback.
  • Users can create their own magazines to save content relevant to various interests and any comments or descriptions are saved within these magazines.
  • When you sign up for an account, Flipboard offers suggestions for categories of news and content to follow. While generally offering the most popular content, it can also introduce you to sources you may not have been familiar with.
Top Tips
Flipboard has a Flip It extension that can be added to your browser’s bookmarks bar to give you a quick way of saving content on the web. When you see an article of interest, click the Flip It button and choose which magazine you want to save the article to.

Where can I find it?

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