Categories: Interactive lessons
Availability: Browser, iOS, Android
Uses: Increase Engagement, Facilitate Understanding, Aid Retention

What is it?
Nearpod is an online platform and mobile application that allows instructors to create and share interactive lessons. Nearpod also allows students to engage with the material by using a lesson code and instructors can monitor student progress. Nearpod lessons can be integrated into learning management systems or can be used as standalone lessons.

You don’t need to create lessons from scratch and can upload existing presentations, documents and images, include quizzes and create your interactive lesson quickly and easily.  

Nearpod offers a basic free account allowing a class size of 30 (i.e. 30 simultaneous student log-ons), which might be suitable for creating revision/reinforcement lessons for small groups, or subscriptions for additional features starting at $120 per year.

How can I use it?
Nearpod can be used to create structured, interactive lessons for your students to view outside of class time in order to learn at their own pace or as revision activities. It is ideally suited to help reinforce learning, to introduce topics as part of a flipped classroom or to provide additional support for struggling students.  

To get started
  • Go to, select “I’m a teacher” and click to Sign up with email.
    • Add your name, email and create a password
    • Choose what level you teach from the dropdown menu
    • Choose the subjects you teach (this helps when recommending related content)
    • Click Customise to finish
  • Nearpod offers 3 lessons that you can add to your library for free. You can skip this step if you’re not interested.
  • When you get to your library for the first time you can try a free lesson to get familiar with the interface and the features. You can skip this step if you’re not interested.
  • To create a new Nearpod, click “+ New” at the top of the screen.
    • You can upload existing material by clicking upload files or create new content.
    • Think of the lesson as a series of steps - what do you want the student to see or interact with first.

Why should I use it?
Nearpod is an easy to use application for quickly creating interactive presentations or lessons but it also offers good real time monitoring of student progress so you can see what students are engaging with the content, including viewing the documents or slides.

Nearpod includes a lot of activities that can be added to lessons to increase engagement and motivation, including open ended questions, polls, quizzes as well as collaborative sessions and drawing features. The drawing activity, Draw It, is particularly good as it allows students to annotate an image selected by the instructor or draw on a blank canvas. In addition, the collaborative sessions allow the students to comment in real time on a slide or document. Nearpod also includes a bank of educational video resources from BBC Worldwide that can be easily integrated into lessons to spark discussion or complement learning material.

Nearpod facilitates student centred teaching and learning by enabling instructors to create well structured, media rich, interactive lessons using what is effectively a drag and drop interface.

Top Tip
While a free account can offer some basic features, if you sign up for a free account and refer 5 teachers you get the gold version for free for 6 months.

Where can I find it?
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