Categories: Interactive Video
Availability: iOS, Android, Desktop
Uses: Flipped Lessons, Critical Reflection, Storytelling, Online Tour
Please note: Zaption is no longer available. An alternative app is EdPuzzle or Nearpod which we have included in our Apps of the Month. You can see this article here

What is it?
Zaption is a web application that allows you to create interactive video lessons online.  For the free version these lessons include: slides with text, images, drawings and questions. The paid option offers more options in terms of user management and integrations with other applications.

This TEL application offers educators a means to summarise key concepts, add relevant images and links and ask open-ended questions of learners. It offers learners an opportunity to reflect on the video content, to engage with the content rather than passively watching a video or videos and promotes active and deep learning.

Users can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or can import their own videos into the platform. The application is often associated with “flipping learning”, where the educator provides instructional content online, and uses face-to-face class time for discussion and collaboration.

How can I use it?
Zaption has many practical uses in an Education context. Educators can provide a “layer” of custom content over pre-existing videos or images and present their work as a lesson, where students can interact with the content, at their own time and pace.

The Zaption Gallery provides pre-made lessons, where users have the ability to copy such lessons and customise them to their own situation.

The typical sequence in creating a lesson is as follows:

  1. Create a lesson
  2. Share/Embed a lesson
  3. View analytics
As an educator, some possible uses include the following:

  • Presenting a series of videos with integrated multiple choice questions
  • “Storyboard” proposed solutions and get feedback from learners
  • Provide students with a means with which to present their own projects/solutions, and get peer feedback
To get started:

  • Sign up for a free Zaption account (you can use your Google/Facebook/Edmodo accounts for quick setup)
  • Create a new lesson under the “lessons” tab > “new lesson”
  • Type a keyword or enter a video url to get the ball rolling. For example, “CIT Masters in E-learning”
  • You’ll be presented with a list of results and sources for same. When you’re happy with the selection, click “Add this video to lesson”
  • Now that you have a video to work with, add some interactions using the Zaption toolbar. We chose a Text Slide to get started.
  • Use the timeline cursor/scrubber to choose the points in the timeline that you would like to add interactive content
  • When you’re ready to preview your content, hit the “preview” button.
  • When you’re happy with the results, hit “publish”, give your lesson a name, and then view the results
Why should I use it?
Tools such as Zaption promote deeper learning in our students. At a time where there are so many online resources that can supplement our lectures, tools like this provide us with a way of adding extra meaning to those resources and promoting critical thinking in our learners. Open Education Resources can be leveraged and integrated into lessons and the resulting resources can be embedded in learning management systems for native viewing.

Top Tip
What is perhaps most interesting is the Analytics component of Zaption. Creators can view responses, response rates, times and so on, and adapt their content along with the learners.

Where can I find it?

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