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Categories: Video Editor
Availability: Online, Android, iOS
Uses: Creativity, Productivity, Reinforce learning, Reflection, Feedback

What is it?
Google+ Hangouts is a free video conferencing tool available as part of Google’s online suite of software. Google+ Hangouts provides a quick way of communicating with friends, colleagues and students through video, audio or text and offers additional features such as screen sharing and the ability to make phone calls. Google+ Hangouts is a useful tool for staff and students, for presentations or collaborative tasks.

Google+ Hangouts has a maximum limit of 15 participants per session but this often addressed by conducting smaller group sessions or using Hangouts on Air through YouTube Live (more on this below).

How can I use it?
We Video can be used to create media rich videos relatively quickly and share them with students, colleagues or friends. You can combine video clips with text, audio and graphics to create custom videos to explain concepts, promote practice or reflect on topics or ideas. We Video offers an editing format similar to the popular video editing software applications but with the flexibility of online access.

Additionally, We Video can connect to your Google Drive account allowing users to easily import and share videos for projects, keeping everything easily accessible.

To get started:

  • Sign up for a free account with your Google or Facebook account, or your email address here.
  • To create a new video in We Video you are essentially creating a new project where you will add and edit video clips that you have recorded or sourced. From your dashboard, click “Create New” to start a new project.
  • We Video has two different view types which you can change depending on what you might be familiar with from other video editors. The default view is a storyboard, but you can change this to timeline mode as well. To change the view, click the menu icon at the top left of the interface and click “Switch to Timeline” at the bottom of this menu.
  • Import media by clicking the green cloud button in the top left section of the editing interface. You can also record directly to We Video using your webcam (or a screencast, but this depends on your licence).
  • Drag video and audio to your storyboard or timeline to start creating your video project.
Please see some short getting started tutorials from the TEL Dept here

Why should I use it?
Google+ Hangouts allows you to communicate and collaborate with peers, colleagues and students online in a variety of formats. Video is a powerful tool for a variety of approaches to teaching and learning. From recording and sharing resources to providing timely feedback, recording presentations or reflection and self-evaluation.

We’ve noted in past apps of the month that creating custom videos can personalise and add context to the material for the learners who can then access this material on demand to learn at their own pace.

Videos can also be used by students to present research, case studies or group projects to facilitate a student-centred pedagogical approach. By creating and editing their own videos, students learn research skills, organisational, communication and problem-solving skills.

Top Tips
Video is available for free  with limitations - 5 minutes of published video per month, 480p resolution video - but there are a number of paid plans and free trials that offer additional features at a low monthly cost ($5-8) or a Flex plan ($29.95 for one year) with many premium features.

The We Video Academy has a lot of useful videos to help inspire and get you up and running quickly - www.wevideo.com/academy

Where can I find it?
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