Categories: Student Response System, Quiz maker
Availability: Browser, iOS, Android
Uses: Formative Assessment, Higher order thinking, Collaborative/social learning, Reinforce learning, Facilitate discussion

What is it?
Kahoot! is a free online student response system, most commonly used to create and deliver quizzes and surveys to students within a classroom. Its increasing popularity, across all levels of education, owes largely to the quick, fun nature of the application and its ease of use. See it in action below (skip to 3min 40s):

How can I use it?
Kahoot! can be used as a quick multiple choice formative assessment.

  • Sign up for a free account and create a new Kahoot!
    • Quizzes can include symbols, images and videos, making Kahoot! suitable for a variety of subjects.
  • Project the quiz to allow your students to view the questions and scoreboard
  • When you are ready to deliver the quiz, share the pin code with your students
    • Students can easily access the quiz on their mobile devices or through a web browser using this code
Why should I use it?
Kahoot! is an entertaining and engaging way of testing knowledge and gathering feedback.
  • Students only need a pin to access these quizzes and it offers immediate feedback in a distraction-free interface.
  • Teachers can control the timing of questions and can see the scoreboard for the quiz.
  • Students can create their own quizzes, helping to develop their higher order skills, and can replay a quiz to try to improve on their previous scores.
  • Surveys and discussions are non-competitive options which can be used effectively to gather student responses and test knowledge. This can be particularly useful where the element of competition may be unsuitable for some students.
Top Tips
Make use of the Embed Video feature in Kahoot! to encourage critical thinking. Create a discussion or survey and ask students a question related to a video that you have embedded. This can help to gauge understanding or opinion and spark an interesting in-class discussion.

Where can I find it?

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