Categories: Social Media Management
Availability: Browser
Uses: Productivity, Organisation

What is it?
TweetDeck is a free online platform for managing your Twitter account (or multiple Twitter accounts). It consists of a series of columns that can be customised to show various aspects of your Twitter accounts in one place, e.g. your notifications, messages, main timeline, specific people, hashtags or topics. Updates are added automatically so you can see a live stream of tweets without having to refresh your feeds.

How can I use it?
TweetDeck is available as a lightweight Chrome app that doesn’t require any installations to your computer.

To get started:
  • In the Chrome browser, install the app at or if using another browser go to
  • Launch TweetDeck and sign in with your Twitter account.
  • Once you have signed in, you can connect multiple Twitter accounts to your TweetDeck account by clicking on Accounts.
  • Send new tweets by clicking the blue icon at the top left of the interface
To add new columns based on hashtags:

  • Add your hashtag term to the search box in TweetDeck and press enter.
  • When the search window loads click on Add Column.
  • Your search column will load in TweetDeck and all tweets using that hashtag will be updated as they’re tweeted.
    • This feature is also useful if you want to set up an alert for a particular keyword. You can follow the above steps, including the keyword instead of the hashtag, and turn on notifications for the column.
To schedule a tweet:

  • Click the blue icon at the top left of the interface to create a new tweet
  • Click “Schedule Tweet”  and choose the date and time you would like this message to be tweeted
Why should I use it?
Twitter is an effective means of communicating with students and other educators but keeping track of chats and updates can be overwhelming, particularly for new users. Tweetdeck allows you to customise the content that you want to focus on and set notifications for specific topics or people.

You can connect multiple Twitter accounts if, for instance, you have a work Twitter account and a personal Twitter account. TweetDeck makes it easy to toggle between these accounts to view updates or tweet.

TweetDeck allows you to schedule tweets, a particular time saver for busy Twitter users. Any scheduled tweets will be published even if TweetDeck is not open. You can view and edit your scheduled Tweets easily by adding a new column of your scheduled tweets to TweetDeck.  

You can collate tweets into collections, giving the collection a name and description. These collections have their own URL so they can be shared with students or colleagues. Collections can be created based on specific topics, events or interests and are updated in real time.

Top Tips
TweetDeck’s filters not only let you display tweets with particular keywords, they can also let you exclude tweets that feature specific words or users. This feature, referred to as Muting, can be done using the regular Twitter app or through TweetDeck. Please note, however, that any users/words muted on will be reflected in TweetDeck but not the other way around.

TweetDeck offers a number of keyboard shortcuts, available from the settings menu in the left panel, to allow you to quickly interact with others and navigate your TweetDeck columns.

Where can I find it?
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