Categories: Media development
Availability: Browser, iOS
Uses: Engagement, Creativity, Productivity, Self-directed Learning

What is it?
Canva is a graphic design and media development application that makes it easy for people to create visually striking presentations, posters and images. Canva provides templates for a range of media - posters, presentations, social media images - and features a drag and drop interface to allow you to create designs with your own images or those available with the software library.

Canva has a free account which may be more than enough for what you need but if you want to make use of all of their templates you can sign up to Canva for Work which is $12.95 a month or $120 a year.

How can I use it?
Canva can be used to create engaging presentation designs but it can also be used to help you to create infographics or posters for your lessons or subject area, email headers and social media images. Rather than focusing on editing images themselves, Canva helps in putting everything together for your professional or personal projects.

To get started:
  • Go to and click Sign In
    Click to sign up for an Education account and choose Sign up with Email
    • Add your name, email address and password to sign up
  • Choose from a variety of templates that would suit your needs
    • You can skip inviting team members if you like
  • Choose what you wish to create or click Play with Canva to browse the features.
  • Click to create a design, for instance a presentation
  • Use the menu on the right to drag and drop images and elements to the stage on the right.
    • The designs are private by default, you can make them public by using the toggle button at the top of the screen

Why should I use it?
Canva’s drag and drop interface and library of templates makes it quick and easy to create engaging material. Lecturers can use it to create presentation material, graphics or posters which can be provided to students as extra resources.

Students themselves can develop their creativity and visual literacy by using Canva to create posters and presentations for their assignments. They can also use it to design their CVs, create a brand identity for group projects or graphics for their social media.

Top Tip
Canva offers a 30 day free trial if you want to get used to it or see if it fits your needs.

Where can I find it?
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