Categories: News clipper
Availability: Desktop, Browser, iOS, Android
Uses: Resource curation, foster critical thinking, facilitate discussion, increase productivity

What is it?
Pocket is a popular app for saving and organising content from the web. Recent updates have included features such as recommendations and better categorisation of articles and content for finding and saving material within the app itself. Pocket works great on mobile devices and syncs across all devices so you have your saved material accessible while on the go. It is available with a bookmarklet for popular browsers so you can save content from the web directly to your account, while on mobile content can be easily shared to other apps.

How can I use it?
Pocket is a great tool for saving and organising content for use when you need it. Pocket was originally called Read It Later and the same idea remains, making it easy to save content you see on the web, tag it to categorise it and read it when you get a chance.

To get started:

  • Either download the Pocket app from your mobile device’s app store or go to https://getpocket.com/ to create an account
  • Install the bookmarklet to make saving articles or content easier.
    • To do this, go to How to Save on the pocket website (https://getpocket.com/add/?ep=1) and follow the instructions to install the bookmarklet to your browser.
  • Save content from the web using the bookmarklet or paste a URL to save an item by clicking the “+” sign at the top right of your account and pasting the URL.
  • Discover articles and resources from within your account by clicking:
    • the “Recommended” link at the top of the page and browsing the results. Recommended articles are pulled from the most popular items saved to Pocket and tailored to you based on your behaviours (saving and reading habits) in Pocket.  
    • the “Explore” link at the top of the page and searching for a topic of interest. Based on your search, Pocket will display the most saved articles from the web in one place making it easier to discover related content.

Why should I use it?
One of Pocket’s greatest uses is as a library of resources that can be tagged, categorised, archived or removed and can be read in a distraction-free space. Pocket displays content in a user-friendly format, presenting articles plainly by removing adverts and other distracting features that are regularly found in web-based content. In addition, Pocket has various display options to make reading the content easier, including various colour and font formatting options.

While Pocket is not the most group-friendly app, if you find that you like using it you can create an account for your class and share the password allowing students to collaboratively save and organise content in one space. Alternatively, students can create free accounts and share content with you or other students in their group. 

Pocket also allows you to follow other users, meaning that items that they have recommended will appear in your recommendations feed. This can be a useful feature for class groups where your students can follow you to see recommendations. Students may not see all your recommendations due to the personalised nature of this feed but if that is a crucial requirement you can simply share important content with your students directly from the app. 

Pocket creates an RSS feed of your saved content so you can access it from your favourite RSS reader, making it easier to read your saved content from various sources.

Top Tip
You can save content through email by emailing them to add@getpocket.com. Pocket recognises the sender email address as belonging to your account and will store the content item to your account. You can also add additional email addresses to your account to be associated with your account by Pocket when using this feature.

Where can I find it?
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