Categories: Image Editing
Availability: Desktop, Browser, iOS, Android
Uses: Creativity, Productivity, Self-directed Learning

What is it?
Pixlr is a suite of free image editing applications that can be used to create, edit and combine images directly in your browser, on your mobile or through a desktop application.

The three main flavours of Pixlr are Pixlr Editor - a powerful free alternative to Photoshop, Pixlr Express - offering tools for making quick edits to your images, and the quirkier Pixlr-o-matic - largely used for quickly changing the style of images by adding effects. A nice quick overview of the software (albeit using an older version) can be seen here:

How can I use it?
Pixlr at its most basic level can be used to crop or resize images for use in presentations and class notes. It is a good software solution to recommend to students as it’s free and easy to use.
  • Pixlr can be used to make quick explainers for students by adding text, blurring or arrows to images to highlight important elements
  • Lecturers can also use it as an introductory image editing software in classes where digital media skills are required at a more basic level
  • Students can use Pixlr to edit images, create collages and present these in assessment material or portfolios.
Why should I use it?
Pixlr is a powerful, free image editing solution with the benefit of mobile and browser access making it ideal for editing while on the on the go:
  • It is quite easy to use due to the range of solutions, each with varying offerings, making it useful for users of varying abilities
  • Use of image editing software by students as well as lecturers can help to develop and strengthen the students’ visual literacy skills, helping them to interpret and analyse visual messages
Top Tip
Add the Pixlr extension to your Chrome browser to allow you to open from or save images directly to your Google Drive account. This is a huge time saver and helps to keep your images accessible as both Drive and Pixlr can be accessed easily on mobile devices - meaning you can edit, organise and find your images while on the go.  

Where can I find it?
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