Blackboard is CIT’s Learning Management System (LMS).

It’s designed to be a shared online space for you and your students for accessing files, submitting against assessments, downloading student submissions, etc.

Every module in CIT has a course (also called “modules”) in Blackboard. You can think of these courses as a kind of “online spaces” that you and your students share.

Only enrolled instructors and students have access to the right modules.

   The main advantages of using Blackboard with your students are that:
  • It gives you 1 space to go to upload relevant files for students and mark and download all student assignments.
  • It gives your students 1 space to go to download relevant files and upload against assessments.

All of this (hopefully) reduces the number of emails that you have to send and the number of files and/ or papers that you need to manage from students.

Blackboard also provides a range of communication and assessment tools which can help teaching and learning that you can mix and match as needed.