Once you access a module in Blackboard, it will display the same default interface:

The right-hand section of the screen is where all course content and course tools will be displayed.

In content areas such as “Learning Materials”, “Resources”, “Assessments”, etc., it is possible to add files through the blue “Build Content” menu and assessment items through the blue “Assessments” menu.

The upper-half of the left-hand side is the Module Menu.

This offers access to the different sections within your course and will allow you to add, hide and rename these sections.

   You can learn more about these sections here.

The lower-half of of the left-hand side is the Course Management Menu.

This offers additional tools and features for managing your course.

In the upper-right section of the screen, the “Edit Mode” button and “Student Preview” buttons are available.

   You can learn more about the Edit Mode in Blackboard here.