The Module Menu in Blackboard offers access to the different sections within your course and will allow you to add, hide and rename these sections.

   Firstly, make sure that you have edit mode turned on. You can learn more about edit mode here.

To edit any existing section in your module menu, move your mouse over the item in the module menu that you want to change and a small grey circle icon will appear to the right of the item.

Click on this circle icon to show the options for this module menu item.

There are a number of options available from here:
  • “Rename Link” renames the title of the item in the module menu.
  • “Hide Link” hides the item in the module menu from students.
  • “Delete” deletes the item in the module menu.
    • If an item is already hidden, the option to “Show Link” will be available.

If you want to add another area to the module menu, you can do so by clicking on the “+” icon at the top-left of the module menu.

   A content area will allow you to add additional content and tools.