When you have created an assignment and students have submitted against it, you can download their submissions.

   Please note that marks in Blackboard are not automatically updated in Web for Faculty.

   You can learn more about how to enter marks into Web for Faculty, and the difference between marks in Blackboard and Web for Faculty here.

To view student Turnitin submissions, access the Course Tools section menu item, available from the Course Management menu in the lower-left section of the the module interface.

Select the item "Turnitin Assignments".

A list of the Turnitin assignments for your module will be displayed.

Clicking on a particular assignment will present the Assignment Inbox for this assignment along with links for various other options related to the assignment.

To view and mark a student submission, click on a student’s name in the column “Title”.

To download a single submission file, click on the icon under the "file" column. This will download the original student file.

To download multiple student assignments, select the checkboxes to the left of multiple student names.

At the top-right of the table, additional options to delete, download or export will become available.

Under "Download", you can download the original student submissions as well as the Grademark paper which identifies potential plagiarism.