When marking a student submission, it is possible to give both general feedback (for the submission as a whole) and feedback for specific elements in the submission.

   You can access student submissions by entering into the “Needs Grading” section.

   To do this, please follow the instructions here.

You can give a student overall feedback on their submission by entering text into the “Feedback to Learner” box which appears in the right-hand side beneath the Attempt” box.

You can give a student feedback on specific elements of their submission if they have uploaded it as a PDF.

Click on the “Comment” button at the top of the central section, beneath “Assignment Instructions”.

Select a tool and click on the section of the PDF you wish to add feedback to.

When you are satisfied with all of your choices, press the “submit” button.

   If you want to mark student submissions for an assignment, please follow the instructions here.