When you have created an assignment and students have submitted against it, you can grade their submissions.

   Please note that marks in Blackboard are not automatically updated in Web for Faculty.

   You can learn more about how to enter marks into Web for Faculty, and the difference between marks in Blackboard and Web for Faculty here.

To view student submissions, access the Grade Centre menu item, available from the Course Management menu in the lower-left section of the the module interface.

In the “Needs Grading” section, you can view all student submissions that have not yet been graded.

If a student has submitted after the due date, a grey “LATE” box will be to the right of the date on which they submitted.

If a student has submitted multiple times against an assignment, text identifying which attempt the submission is (e.g.: “Attempt 1 of 2”) will be to the right of the user’s name. You should mark a student’s latest attempt.

To view and mark a student submission, click on a student’s name in the column “User Attempt”.

If their submission is in PDF format, it will be shown in the central section of the page. If it is not a PDF, there will be an option to download it.

You can give a student marks by clicking on the blue “Attempt” box in the right-hand side and providing marks against the total number of “Points Possible” you set for the assignment and pressing the “submit” button.

To move onto the next student, you can click on the forward arrow in the area above the student submission to move on to the next student submission.

   If you want to provide feedback for a student submission, please follow the instructions here.

   If you want to change the mark you have given a student for an assignment, please follow the instructions here.