You can create an assignment in Blackboard in any content section (although it is recommended you add assessment activities to “Assessments”) using the “Assignment” option.

   An assignment in Blackboard acts as a virtual pigeon-holes which allow students to upload files which you can then view, download and add marks against.

   Firstly, make sure that you have edit mode turned on. You can learn more about edit mode here.

Move your mouse over the blue “Assessments” menu at the top of the content area and select “Assignment”.

This will take you to the “Create Assignment” page.

Under “Name”, give the assignment a name.

Your item’s name should ideally imply the information in it to the student - i.e.: “Semester 1 Final Assignment”.

Under “Instructions”, it is recommended to include some instructions to the student on what is expected of them from this assignment.

Under “Attachments”, you can attach any files you want to the assignment. This could include a brief for the assignment, or a file they need to complete the assessment.

Click the “Browse my Computer” button and upload files from your machine. The file name will appear beneath the “Attach Files” area.

If you want to remove a file you have added, you can click “Do not attach” to the far-right of that file.

Under “Due Date”, give a date by which students should have uploaded their submission.

The assignment can still be submitted after the due date, but these will be marked as late.

Under “Points Possible”, give the number of points you will mark the student submission out of.

It is recommended to set this to 100 points regardless of the weighting in the module. Weighting can be changed later in the grade center.

Under “Submission Details”, you can determine whether the assignment should be individual or group-based.

It is recommended to set this to “individual” unless you know how to set up groups in Blackboard.

Under “Number of Attempts”, you can determine how many times students can re-submit against an assignment. This can be useful in case a student makes a mistake with their first submission.

   It is recommended that you set this to “multiple attempts” and to set this to 2 or 3.

It is recommended to leave settings for "Score attempts using" and "Plagiarism Tools" as they are.

Under “Grading Options”, you can determine whether Anonymous Marking is enabled (students names are hidden from you when you are marking them), or whether Delegated Marking is enabled (another instructor enrolled on the module can mark student submissions).

Under “Display of Grades”, you can determine how the grade is displayed to students.

It is recommended that you leave this as is.

Under “Availability”, you can specify if and when students can see the assignment. By default, “Make the Assignment Available” will be ticked.

   You can learn more about the Standard Options feature here.

When you are satisfied with all of your choices, press the “submit” button.