You can create a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard in any content section (although it is recommended you add assessment activities to “Assessments”) using the “Assignment” option.

   A Turnitin assignment in Blackboard acts in a similar way to a Blackboard assignment, but also checks a student submission for plagiarism and will provide additional options for marking and providing feedback

   Firstly, make sure that you have edit mode turned on. You can learn more about edit mode here.

Move your mouse over the blue “Assessments” menu at the top of the content area and select “Turnitin Assignment”.

This will take you to the “Add Turnitin Assignment” page.

From here, you are required to select your assignment type.

Generally a “Paper Assignment” is the most appropriate type of Turnitin Assignment. Select “Next Step”.

This will take you to the “New Assignment” page.

Under “Assignment title”, give the assignment a name.

Your item’s name should ideally imply the information in it to the student - i.e.: “Semester 1 Final Assignment”.

Under “Points value”, give the number of points you will mark the student submission out of.

It is recommended to set this to 100 points regardless of the weighting in the module.

Beneath point value, there is an option to determine what type of file types are acceptable.

Generally it is recommended to set this as “Allow any file type”

To the right of this, you can set the dates for which the Turnitin assignment will begin and is due
  • Under “Start Date”, give a date after which students can begin uploading against this assignment.
  • Under “Due Date”, give a date by which the students should have uploaded their assignments. The assignment can still be submitted after the due date, but these will be marked as late.
  • Under “Post Date”, give a date after which student results should be made available to them.

Beneath this section, you can access some additional “Optional settings” for this Turnitin assignment.

Generally, the default settings for these are perfectly acceptable. The following, however, may be worth editing:
  • Under “Enter special instructions”, it is recommended to include some instructions to the student on what is expected of them from this assignment.
  • Under “Generate Originality Reports for student submissions”, you can determine when students can see their originality (i.e.: plagiarism) reports. Immediately and only after submission, repeatedly up until the due date or after the due date.
  • Under “Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment”, you can determine if bibliographic, citation or reference sections are included in the plagiarism report
  • Under “Submit papers to”, you can determine whether student submissions are stored in the Turnitin student paper repository (“Standard paper repository”). If you set this to “Institution paper repository”, student submission swill be checked against other students’ work, e.g. your students in previous years, other modules, etc.

When you are satisfied with all of your choices, press the “submit” button.