To participate (and present) in a conference in Canvas, you should ideally have 

  1. A microphone (your computer may have a microphone, but these are rarely of good quality)

  2. A pair of headphones (your computer may have speakers, but these can cause acoustic feedback if they are close to the microphone) 

A webcam may be useful, but this is not a necessity unless you want to share a video feed with students.

Live lectures through Canvas modules are called “Conferences” and are scheduled in advance, so it is recommended that you create a conference and schedule it for a specific day and time so that students know when to attend. You can start the conference a few minutes beforehand to setup your microphone, etc.

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Canvas will also keep a record of completed conferences and - depending on if you want to record your session or not - the recordings of these conferences. 

There are 6 steps to Giving and Recording Live Lectures

  1. Scheduling a conference

  2. Start conference & setup mic

  3. Share your screen or upload a presentation

  4. Make sure you can communicate with students

  5. Record the session

  6. Conclude the meeting and access recording