When you have setup your conference, it will appear under “New Conferences”. To begin the conferences, press the “Start” button

When you start a live conference, you will be asked “How would you like to join the audio”. Select Microphone. 

This may bring up  a pop up asking for permission to let the browser use your mic. You can select  your desired microphone and speakers from the drop down menus

When you are satisfied with this, you will be given a private echo test. Talk into your microphone and wait to see if you can hear your recording.

  • If you can hear the recording, click the green thumbs up.

  • If you cannot hear the recording, click the red thumbs down and you will be asked to repeat the process

Please Note: To avoid any excessive echo we recommend using, a heaphones and mic combination,a chat headset combo or a talking headset or a headphones to reduce or fully eliminate this risk.

The Main content display area in Big Blue Button is on the right-hand side. Content for students will be displayed here. You can use the icons at the bottom to:

  1. Mute or unmute your microphone 

  2. Leave audio - this will disconnect your audio and allow you to change the microphone you are using

  3. Share webcam - this will turn on or off your webcam

  4. Share screen - this will students to see your screen or see applications you have open