You can create a folder in Blackboard in any content section (i.e.: “Learning Materials”, “Resources”, “Assessments”, etc.) to organise your files so that students can locate content easily.

A content folder in Blackboard lets you keep any number of items (files, assessments, links, etc.) inside of it.

   Firstly, make sure that you have edit mode turned on. You can learn more about edit mode here.

Move your mouse over the blue “Build Content” menu at the top of the content area and select “Content Folder”.

This will take you to the “Create Content Folder” page.

Under “Name”, give the folder a name.

Lecturers often use folders to group content by week (i.e.: “Week one”, “Week two”, etc.) or by content type (i.e.: “Lecture slides”, “Videos”, etc.)

Under “Text”, you can, if you wish, include some text that will be displayed with the folder.

You could, for instance, include a further description of what the folder contains.

Under “Standard Options”, you can specify if and when students can see particular content.

   You can learn more about the Standard Options feature here.

To add content to a folder, you can click on a created folder and upload content from within this folder.

Alternatively, you can move content from one area or folder into another using the “move” function.

   You can learn more about the move feature here.

When you are satisfied with all of your choices, press the “submit” button.