Use the Zoom In-Class Security feature to easily access all the in-meeting security settings in one location.

Available security settings are:

  • Lock Meeting: Locks the meeting, keeping new participants from joining the meeting.
  • Enable Waiting Room: This is a default feature across all classes in CIT and cannot be changed
  • Allow participants to:
    • Share Screen: Allows participants to start Screen Shares 
    • Chat: Allows participants to use the chat function.
    • Unmute Themselves: Allows participants to unmute themselves without the host's permission. 

Security options can also be accessed in the Participants Panel:

  • Remove Participant: Allows the removal of a participant from a meeting. The participant can not re-join unless Allow removed participants to rejoin is enabled in Meeting settings.
  • Report: Allows you to report a user to Zoom's Trust and Safety team. You will be able to select which user to report and provide details about the problem. You can also upload evidence, such as screenshots.