Zoom meetings can be created for your regular timetabled classes or for any other unscheduled student sessions throughout the semester. By creating Zoom sessions in Canvas, you ensure that:
  • The Zoom session is easily accessible for you and your students

  • Attendees have been authenticated using their @CIT or @mycit accounts 

  • The Zoom session is integrated into the rest of the Canvas module, which provides additional supports such as the Canvas Calendar system, etc.


To schedule your classes in Zoom, complete the following steps.

  1. In the Module Navigation of your module, click Zoom.
  2. Click Schedule a New Meeting.
  3. Enter a name for the Zoom session in the Topic field and a description in the Description field. By default, the Topic will be the name of your Canvas module so you will likely keep this name for your regular classes. If you are creating a session for another purpose, like student presentations or group sessions you should choose a clear topic name and description. 
  4. Set a day and time for the Zoom session in the When section based on your timetable or your availability. The duration defaults to 1 hour but your session does not end automatically after this time. The Time Zone option refers to your particular time zone, which is set automatically.
  5. Configure any other relevant settings for your classes (see below for more information).
  6. Click Save.

For more information about recurring meetings and how to set them up, see Scheduling recurring meetings in Zoom.

Other settings

The following are default settings for all Zoom meetings in Canvas. Many of these do not need to be changed.

Waiting Room: Waiting rooms are default requirements for Zoom meetings in MTU Cork, so you will need to admit students into the Zoom session. For more information on admitting attendees from a waiting room, see How to admit Zoom attendees from a waiting room

Authentication Settings

All users are required to authenticate (sign in) to Zoom at MTU Cork. There are two primary authentication options

  • Only MTU Cork students and staff is the now the default option and will cover most eventualities allowing only authenticated users from within the approved MTU Cork (CIT) domains (e.g. and
  • All authenticated users (includes external speakers) allows you to include users outside of MTU Cork but who authenticate to Zoom using their own personal Zoom accounts. This option is useful when you want to include guest speakers in your Zoom classes. 


By default, hosts and students will not have cameras turned on by default. If you choose to use your camera you can turn this on after you start the session. Audio is set to Computer audio by default so Zoom will use your system audio setup.

Pre-defined breakout rooms
You can set up pre-defined breakout rooms, where students are assigned to groups. See Setting up pre-defined breakout rooms in Zoom for more information.


Select the Record the meeting automatically in the cloud checkbox to record the session automatically. Alternatively, if your meeting will not record automatically, you can press record when the meeting has started.