When the Waiting Room feature is enabled, people trying to join the meeting are automatically put into a waiting room. They will see a notice letting them know they are waiting for the host to let them in. The host needs to admit the users from the waiting room.


To admit these individuals to the meeting, complete the following steps.
  1. Click Participants in the Zoom menu bar.
  2. In the Participants pane, either click Admit for individual attendees, or Admit All to let in everyone who is waiting. 
  3. Note: If you don't have the participant panel open, the Manage Participants icon will flash when someone enters the waiting room and a pop-up window will provide an option to admit them.
  4. Optional: To send a message to attendees in the waiting room, click Message. This is useful if you are running back to back sessions and want to let attendees know that you are finishing up a session.