You are hosting a Zoom meeting and you have accidentally removed a participant or panellist from the meeting. When attempting to rejoin the meeting the participant or panellist is met with an error message stating - "You are unable to rejoin this meeting because you were previously removed by the host".

By default, if you remove meeting participants, co-hosts or panelists they will be unable to rejoin using the same email address.


To avoid a situation where participants, co-hosts or panellists are unable to rejoin a meeting after being accidentally removed you will need to adjust some of your meeting settings.

  1. Sign in to the
  2. In the  menu, click Settings.
  3. Click the Meeting tab.
  4. Under In-Meeting (Basic), verify that Allow removed participants to rejoin is enabled.

Note: With this option enabled participants, co-hosts or panellists who you intentionally remove will also be able to rejoin.