If you are delivering remotely, it is important to try and make sure that it is effective for students. The below are some suggestions on how you can effectively support students during a period of remote delivery.

1. Try to keep students engaged and updated

Students learning at a distance for the first time can feel a little isolated and disengaged. A good way to address this issue is by making sure that students have the sense that things are happening. 

Using the Announcements feature in Canvas is one easy way to share updates in this regard. Announcements updates could include things like:

  • Reminders of what students should be getting on with or where in the module you’ve got to now
  • Information about new uploads or upcoming deadlines.

  • Information about some readings or online resources they might like to refer to

  • Tips about what’s coming up next 

  • Invitations for feedback or questions (see below)

2. Communication and feedback

In the face-to-face classroom students typically have lots of opportunities to look for help and talk to their lecturers and classmates. It can be difficult and time-consuming to emulate this online but there are a few options based around different available communication tools, including:

  • The use of discussion forums in each module in Canvas to allow students to talk to you and each other (this has the added benefit of students working to support each other)
  • The use of live classes as an opportunity for students to ask questions and get feedback

  • The use of announcements to remind students to contact you, and each other, if they need help or clarity

In addition to, or as an alternative to the above, it might make sense to schedule specific opportunities for students to ask questions and get feedback.

One advantage here is that it encourages students to think about what feedback they need and what they should ask in advance. It could also help save you time in having to answer a lot of individual emails. It might not suit in all cases but for staff who are using live e-learning a feedback session might be simply be a specially nominated live meeting at a particular date and time.

4. Use the supports available

There are a wide range of supports available to you during this period of remote teaching.
Available supports include:
  • Canvas 24/7 support
  • The Dept of TEL Knowledge Base (this website)
  • Ticketing systems (e.g. https://servicedesk.cit.ie)
  • Tel Team live training sessions (more information coming soon)