Previously, as part of my module I would split the students into groups to undertake projects and run tutorials/workshops/design-studios with students in these groups. I would then move about the classroom acting as a roving tutor assisting where necessary, giving support, direction, feedback, input etc.

How can I do something similar in a remote format?


There are two ways to achieve this scenario using some of the tools available to you.

  1. Zoom - Using pre-assigned breakout rooms
  2. Canvas - Using the groups functionality

Unsure of which would best suit your needs? Answering the following questions can give you some direction.

  • Do I need to be present for all meetings?
  • Do I need to have an area outside of the meeting for groups to discuss, share information and or collaborate? 
If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, Zoom pre-assigned breakout rooms are for you. 

For any other answers, Canvas groups are the best way forward for you. 


Please follow the steps in this help article - Setting up pre-defined breakout rooms in Zoom.


Follow the steps outlined below:

  • First step is to create your groups, to do this follow the steps outlined in this help article Setting Up Groups in Canvas.
  • Create a discussion that is set up as a 'group discussion', the media image below show this option.Image Placeholder
Gif - Showing Group Discussion Option

  • The next step will be to assign a group leader for each group who will be responsible for creating group meetings.
  • The group leader can then follow the steps outlined in this article Setting up a peer-supported learning space in Canvas to schedule their meeting  in Zoom and post the invitation to the group discussion. 
Hot Tip - Be sure to have the group leader set you up as a co-host this will ensure you can jump in and out of group meetings.    

The group leader should also set up an additional co-host should they be unable to host a session.

  • You are now set up to deliver a tutorial/workshop/design-studio in a remote environment that allows groups to work closely together and for you to engage and assist where necessary.
  • You will have the ability as the module teacher to access all groups, students will however only see the group they belong to.