I want to have a better understanding of the Detailed Ouriginal Analysis. I am unsure what the tabs within the analysis overview indicate exactly. 


In the Ouriginal Analysis, using the tabs at the top of the screen, you can move between

  1. Findings - This indicates where in the student submission potential plagiarism has been detected and where the content may have been copied from. You can move between the different findings using the “Previous Highlight” and “Next Highlight” buttons at the bottom of the screen. If the "Detailed text differences" is turned on, the differences is highlighted in the matching text. Words highlighted with yellow means that they have been substituted and red means they have been removed.   Image Placeholder

  2. Sources - This provides an overview of all of the sources where content may have may have been copied from.      Image Placeholder
  3. Entire document - This provides a view of the full document along with indications of where  potential plagiarism has been detected. You can click on the sections highlighted in Orange to bring up details on the potential plagiarism.Image Placeholder
You can also determine from here if you wish to include these results in the overall plagiarism detection score.

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