You have set up an assignment using Turnitin, but when you or students attempt to open the assignment you are seeing the below error message and you are returned to the module home page.


Ouriginal is MTU's new plagiarism detection solution that is integrated into Canvas. This solution has replaced Turnitin.

It is, however, possible to quickly and easily replace a Turnitin assignment with an Ouriginal assignment in order to facilitate students' submissions.

To do so:

  1. Open the module

  2. Click the assignment tab

  3. To the right of the assignment name click the 3 dots and click Edit

  4. Click More Options

  5. For the submission type select Online

  6. Select File Uploads

  7. For the submission attempts select Limited and set to 2

  8. For the plagiarism review select Ouriginal

  9. For show the report select After the assignment is graded

  10. Click Save