As an instructor, you can use Direct Share to copy individual new quizzes in one course directly into another course in which you are enrolled as an instructor. Direct Share also allows you to send new quizzes to other instructors at your institution. When you copy a new quiz, any assets within that quiz (images, files, etc.) will be included in the file copy.

  • Direct Share requires the Direct Share feature option, which can be enabled for an entire account.
  • To share course content, you must have the Course Content - add / edit / delete permission enabled.


To use Direct Share to copy a quiz to a new module in New Quizzes in Canvas, complete the following steps

  1. In the module navigation of your module, click Quizzes.
  2. Locate the quiz that you want to copy and click the options icon (⋮) and select Copy to....
  3. Type or select a module from the Select a Module field.
  4. Optional: To copy the quiz into a specific unit in that module, type or select a unit from the Select a Unit field.
  5. Select a location within the unit from the Place list. You can select to copy the assignment to the top of the module, before or after a specific module item, or at the bottom of a module.  
  6. Click Copy. Canvas displays a notification when an assignment is copied successfully.
  7. Click Close.

Copied assignments display on the Assignments Index Page in the Imported Assignments group for the course into which it copied.