H5P, which stands for HTML 5 Package, is an authoring tool that allows you to enhance your Canvas module with rich interactive learning content and activities. There are a wide range of content types available which can be used in a variety of ways from presenting information in an easier to read format to promoting higher order thinking through decision-making scenarios/case studies. The content types available can be grouped into two distinct categories:

  1. Layout: these content types allow you to organise and present information for students to navigate and explore. E.g. Interactive Image of Europe containing information on different cultures based on student clicks.

  2. Activity: these content types allow you to create active learning activities which allows students to interact with content and receive immediate feedback. E.g. Labelling activity where students drag and drop different kinds of food based on cuisine.

These content types can be used to improve student engagement and allow students to test their knowledge before, during or after class.

Why H5P?

H5P is a great and easy way to improve student’s engagement and learning in your Canvas module. It allows you to chunk content into manageable bite-size pieces, enable students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and come better prepared for class. Other benefits include:

  • Ease of access: you can access H5P directly from within Canvas without needing to go elsewhere on any web-enabled device.

  • Wide variety of content types: there are 28 content types you can use to create a better learning experience for your students.

  • Intuitive to use: it is easy to use with a relative low learning curve depending on content type. For more info on each content type, refer to the how-to guides below.

Tips in using H5P

  • Use clear language in instructions: students know what and how to complete the activity.

  • Make it relevant to their learning: link to real world examples and learning objectives so students know why it’s important and how it links back to module learning outcomes.

  • Make it accessible: include alternate text to images used and be mindful with colour contrast and language so that students can easily access and interact with content/activity.

To set up H5P in Canvas go to Accessing h5p in canvas