When to use Question sets

Question sets are useful when you want to create a sequence of problems, as opposed to multiple individual problems, for the learner to solve.

Use Questions sets to assess the learners' ability to reproduce key concepts of a compound learning material. Question sets can, for instance, be used as end-of-chapter tests or as a final course exam. You may use multiple quiz types, including Multichoice, Fill in the blanks, and Drag and Drop questions, to offer variation in your Questions sets. 

Question sets can only be used stand-alone. 

Accessing H5P in Canvas

You can access H5P in Canvas through the Rich Content Editor (RCE), which is accessible via the edit view of Page, Assignment, Discussion Board, Announcement and Quiz questions. 

For this example, we will be adding H5P onto a Canvas page. The first thing you will need to do is either open the page you want to embed the H5P content into or create a new page. Then click the ‘Edit’ button which will open the RCE. (You will automatically go into edit mode if you create a new page.) 

Next, you will need to locate H5P in the RCE toolbar.

Image Placeholder

Clicking on that menu item will open a pop-up showing your H5P library. From here, you will have the option to either insert previously created content or create something new. 

Select the New content option and choose Quiz (Question Set) from the list of Content types:

Question set editor

The Question set editor should now appear. The editor looks like this:

Letsfocus on creating the Question set content. This happens in the top part of the editor, so we won't bother with the Common fields and the lower parts of the editor.

The top part of the Question set editor consists of:

  • general settings at the top including Background image, Progress indicator, and Pass percentage
  • a Questions sections in the middle, where we add the various quiz tasks
  • customizable text fields at the bottom, including Quiz introduction and Quiz finished: Your result:

Background image

You can add a Background image that is displayed behind the various quiz tasks included in your Question set.

Progress indicator

You can choose between a textual indicator and dots.

Pass Percentage

Here you define the percentage of points the learner will need to achieve in order to pass the Question set. More about score points later in this tutorial. We'll set this to 80 for now:


Here, we'll add the actual questions that the Question set consists of. Add three quiz questions of your choice. For now lets do:

  • A Multichoice question
  • A Drag and drop question
  • A Fill in the blanks

When the Question set editor is launched, only one undefined question type is displayed below the Questions header:

Add Multichoice question

In the Question type dropdown, select a Multichoice question. This will load the Multichoice question editor:

You should by now have something like this:

Add Drag and drop question

Press the Add question button to add another question to the Question set.

This time, choose Drag and drop question from the dropdown menu. The Drag and drop question editor will now appear.

After adding content to the Drag and drop question you should have something like this:

Add Fill in the blanks question

Press the Add question button to add another question to the Question set.

Choose the question type Fill in the blanks from the dropdown menu. The Fill in the blanks editor will now appear.

After adding content to the Fill in the blanks question type, you should have something like this:

Quiz introduction

By checking the Display introduction checkbox, the learner is shown an Introduction text and must press a Start quiz button to start solving the Question set.

Check the Display introduction checkbox. Then, add your text in the Title field.

In the Introduction text insert your introduction text eg. Passing this test will certify you as a berry expert. You need 80 % correct to pass. Good luck!

Leave the Start button text as it is, or change it to your own liking.

You should now have something like this: 

Quiz finished: Your result

Under the Quiz finished: Your result: header you have options related to how the quiz results are shown to the learner at the end of the Question set. 

You will also find several text fields where you can customize or adapt the text being used to your own liking.

Make sure that the Display results checkbox is checked, as we want the learners to evaluate their own performance:

At the bottom of this field, you can also choose to Display video before quiz results. Here you can upload a video clip which is shown to the learner after completing the Question set, but before the results are displayed. You may choose to display one video clip if the learner passes the Question set, and another video clip if the learner fails.

Finishing up

Save and Insert your finished Question set.