Accessing H5P in Canvas

You can access H5P in Canvas through the Rich Content Editor (RCE), which is accessible via the edit view of Page, Assignment, Discussion Board, Announcement and Quiz questions. 

For this example, we will be adding H5P onto a Canvas page. The first thing you will need to do is either open the page you want to embed the H5P content into or create a new page. Then click the ‘Edit’ button which will open the RCE. (You will automatically go into edit mode if you create a new page.) 

Next, you will need to locate H5P in the RCE toolbar.

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Clicking on that menu item will open a pop-up showing your H5P library. From here, you will have the option to either insert previously created content or create something new. 

Select the New content option and choose Branching Scenario from the list of Content types:

Branching scenario is a content type for creating decision-based paths. Use it to make learning materials that branch to different paths based on user's answers.

Start by adding a title. The title will identify the content in the list of H5Ps and won't be visible for the user. 

Add new content

You start with an empty canvas.

  • To create content - drag content type from the left menu and drop on a dropzone - this will load the content type editor.
  • When the content type editor loads - create content as usual.

Add branching logic

Branching Question will determinate the branching logic. 

  • Create question by dragging "Branching Question" and dropping it on available dropzones
  • Add as many alternatives as you want. Each alternative will send the user down the different path.

Specify what should happen if an alternative is chosen
There are four possibilities:

  1. The user will see a new content
    Drag a new content below this alternative
  2. The user will see a new Branching Question
    Drag a new Branching Question below this alternative
  3. The user will be sent back to some of the existing branches
    Open “Branching options” group and under “Special action if selected” choose “Jump to another branch”. Then select a branch you want to jump to
  4. The scenario will end here with a custom feedback and optionaly - score
    Open “Branching options” group and under “Special action if selected” choose “Custom end scenario”. Then fill in the “Feedback” group below. If you leave the "Feedback" empty - the alternative will lead to the "Default end scenario".

 Add existing content

You don't have to create content from scratch. You can use existing H5P content in Branching Scenario.

  • To copy existing content: Open the content you want to copy, select "Copy" at the top
  • To copy content created in Branching Scenario: Click on the "Settings" icon next to each content and select "Copy"
  • To paste content from the clipboard - Drag “Paste” from the left menu and paste it to a dropzone


After each alternative is selected, or after each content is viewed - you can provide optional feedback for the user.
  • For the user - the feedback will appear after he/she selects an alternative or views the content
  • If “End scenario” is chosen - the feedback will show on the end screen

Intro Screen

This is the introduction screen where you can introduce your course.

  • To configure: Go to settings and fill in "Configure starting screen" section.


Branching Scenario provides 2 types of scoring. The score will appear on the End screen after the user reaches one of the end scenarios. Configure the score under "Settings/Behavioural settings/Scoring options".

Types of scoring:
  • Statically set score for each end scenario (default)
    The author gives points for each end scenario. 
  • Dynamically calculate score from user answers
    The author gives points for each content and for each alternative inside branching question. The final score is calculated as a sum of points the user earned until he/she reached the end
  • No scoring
    Upon reaching the end - the user will get only feedback


  • If the alternative is set to jump back to an existing path - a two arrow icon will appear next to it. Click on this icon to see where the alternative will lead.
  • If the alternative will end the path - it is marked as an outlined circle (if no end scenario is set) or with a flag (if end scenario is set).
  • You can always access "Legend" by clicking the "Quick info" at the top right part of the canvas


You can preview your content:

  1. from the beginning - by clicking on the "Preview" button in the top right corner or
  2. from a specific node - by clicking "Spart preview" in the node menu

Full-screen mode

Click on the icon in the top left corner to open Branching scenario editor in full-screen mode.

Finishing up:

Save and insert to view your finished Branching Scenario.