Student analytics show you how well a particular student is doing in your module. You can view analytics in both active and concluded courses.


1. In Global Navigation, click Modules, then click the name of the module.
2. To open New Analytics, click New Analytics in the module navigation [1] or click New Analytics in the module home page [2].

3. If you cannot see the New Analytics link, you may have to make the link visible via the Navigation tab in Settings. For reporting accuracy, the page displays the last time analytics data was last updated. Data is refreshed in New Analytics every 24 hours.

4. View options:

  • To view analytics for all students in your course, click Students [1].
  • To view analytics for one student in your course, click the name of the student [2].
  • To locate a student, you can sort the table by student name [3], or any other column header [4].
  • The analytics table is paginated so you can view more students if you continue to scroll to the bottom of the page.
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5. When viewing analytics for an individual student, you can view the student's name and send a message to the student [1].

6. To return to module analytics, click Course Analytics [2].
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