Canvas does not have a dedicated journal tool, but it is possible to create such functionality using a combination of groups and discussion forums.


To create a group for each student in a group set, complete the following. 

  1. Click People on the course menu.
  2. Click Add Group Set.
  3. Enter the name for the Group Set, e.g. reflective journals
  4. Select the Split students into groups option and set the number to be equal to the number of students enrolled on your course.
  5. Click Save
To create a group discussion forum and assign it to the group set you’ve just created, complete the following.

  1. From module navigation, click Discussions.
  2. Click the +Discussion.
  3. Enter a discussion topic title and enter your instructions or message in the text editor.
  4. Optional: If you wish to make this a graded journal activity, select the Graded checkbox from the Options list.
  5. Select the This is a Group Discussion checkbox.
  6. Select the correct Group set from the dropdown list.
  7. Click Save.
Each student will now have access to a discussion forum that acts as their own private journal. They cannot see anyone else’s journal. To access their journal they should go to the Discussions button on the course menu. alternatively, you can create a link to the Discussion journal discussion tool from anywhere on your site by selecting the journal from the discussions section in the link selector.