Your Module Syllabus is a useful feature of your Canvas module. Here your students can check current listings for Assignment due dates, and events that are posted to the Module calendar. This section is pre-populated by the TEL Department with a graphic and some general information but it can be edited, so you can add a module outline if you wish. 

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In addition, the Module Summary located below the Syllabus information, shows key module dates and events which will automatically update in the table for your students when you have posted them.

Editing the Module Syllabus

If you wish, you can edit the Module Syllabus to include a module description, some guidelines, an introduction or any other important information you would like your students to know. To edit the Syllabus, click the Edit button to the right of the header.

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When the content editor loads, you will see the pre-populated content in this editor. You can edit this, add to it or remove it for your modules. You may want to link to particular areas of your module to add signposting for your students or to highlight something important.

Click "Update Syllabus" to save your changes.

Module Summary

The Course Summary is automatically generated for the course and contains a list of assignments and events. Assignments are indicated by the Assignments icon, and events are indicated by the Calendar icon. Non-graded items with a to-do date show the to-do date. All assignments (unpublished and published) are listed in the syllabus for instructors, but students only see published assignments.

You can hide the module summary by editing the module syllabus (steps under the heading above).

Removing the Module Syllabus

You don't need to add anything to your Module Syllabus for your students to be able to use the Module Summary but you can hide both (Syllabus and Summary) from your students if you wish. The easiest way to do this is to hide the Module Syllabus.

You can hide the Module Syllabus by moving the Syllabus navigation item to the hidden section of your menu. To do this, you will need to edit your navigation menu (follow the steps in the article here).