I need to meet on a one to one basis with the students on my module. I want to set up some available slots and have the students select a time that works for them. 


Using the Appointment Group feature in Canvas Calendar you can achieve this.

1. Open the Calendar function

2. Click on the relevant date

3. Select Appointment Group

4. Fill in the following details:

  • Name - This should identify what the appointment is for
  • Location - Identify where the session is to take place
  • Calendar - Select the calendar or calendars that you wish the appointments to be visible in
  • Date - Choose the date you wish the meetings to occur
  • Time range - Input here the hours between which you want the meetings to occur e.g. between 10am and 2pm.
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  • Time slots - Input the duration of each individual meeting e.g. 30 minutes and click GO
Note: This will automatically split your time range into the desired slots.
  • Limit slots - Choose how many people can register for an individual slot
  • Limit sign up - Choose how many slots a student can sign up for
  • Details - Provide a description of session here, you can also post your Zoom information
Note: It is best to have your Zoom details ready to paste into the details section before you begin.
5. Click Publish

To review who has reserved a meeting slot, go to your calendar and select the slot. Under attendees it will give you the students name.