I want to crosslist my modules but I don't know where to find the SIS ID that the TEL team need to carry out the work. 


With your Canvas dashboard open

1. Open the relevant module

2. Click Settings from the left side menu

3. Ensure you are in the Module details tab

4. Highlight and copy the text in the row SIS ID

The SIS ID is structured as so TEL1234_56789_2021, this breaks down as follows:

  • TEL1234 - This is made up of the relevant department title and a numerical code
  • 56789 - The module CRN
  • 2021 - The academic year, this does not change if your module is Sem 2 or 3. It will always be for example, 2021 for a module in the academic year 2021/2022 and so on.