Viewing assignment details with Assignment Enhancements 

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The Assignment Enhancements page displays assignment information. 

The Assignment Summary header [1] displays the assignment title, due date, number of allowed attempts, availability dates, points, and which submission the score is calculated from. Not all assignments may have a due date.

The Attempt drop-down list [2] displays submission attempts for the assignment. By default, the Attempt drop-down list displays the student's most recent submission attempt.

The Status Timeline [3] displays the assignment submission and grading status. The Status Timeline may also display options to submit a new attempt.

If assignment instructions have been added, they display in the Details section [4].

View Graded Assignment Using Assignment Enhancements

When a submission is successfully submitted, the Status Timeline displays a checkmark icon for the Submitted status [1].

The most recent submission displays in the Attempt tab [2].

If permitted, students may resubmit another attempt by clicking New Attempt [3].

If multiple submissions have been added, they can be previewed by selecting the attempt from the Attempt drop-down list [4].

Once a submission has been graded, the grade displays in the assignment summary header [5].


  • If students are not able to resubmit work, the instructor may have limited the number of allowed submissions or the assignment may no longer be accepting submissions due to the assignment's availability
  • If students are not able to view an assignment with Assignment Enhancements, the Assignment Enhancements - Student feature option has not be enabled or the assignment type is not supported. See this guide for more information.
  • Assignment Enhancements does not support the following assignment types: No Submission, Group Assignments, Peer Reviews, and Cloud Assignments.